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Previous Work

"There and Back Again"

No adventure is complete without the people you meet along the way. Explore the diverse realms and remarkable people in my journey thus far.

What Remains of Ish

Composer & Sound Designer

What Remains of Ish
Misfits Studios
2021 - present

"What Remains of Ish" is an action-packed 2D Metroidvania video game. It tells the story of two siblings fighting to escape what is left of their fallen city. 

Composer & Sound Designer

Oi Colours, Oi Learn
Shriners Hospitals for Children
2021 - present

The Shriners Hospital produces multiple animation films to educate and entertain patients (children with Osteogenesis imperfectaand) and staff. And it's my pleasure to be able to compose and sound design these small films. 

Shriners Hospital for Children
Maharat's Salam Dakkak Course


Salam Dakkak - Introduction

Maharat is taking the initiative to create a premium online experience that aims to revolutionize education in the Arab world. It was an honor to score the introduction of Salam Dakkak's "Levantine
Home Cooking" masterclass. 


Le Lettre
Karim Kanaan

"La Lettre" is a short film that follows the life-changing event of the protagonist running away from an abusive relationship. The music follows along the story adding drama, suspense, and relief throughout the movie. 

La Lettre - Karim Kanaan
CME Promotional Video


Meet Cimbot

CME is a multinational technology firm that provides extensive engineering solutions. For their promotional video, I provided a simple, happy, and bouncy score that reflects their working environment.


Leyth M

"Indemma" (Elvish for "mind-picture") follows the story of a person suffering from Aphantasia (the inability to visualize mental images) as he attempts to indulge himself in the world of Dungeons and Dragons. The music adds a medieval touch to the imagery in regard to the context. 

Indemma - Leyth Makdassi
Ink In Time - A Dragon's Balad_edited_edited.jpg


Ink in Time 
Leyth Makdassi

"A Dragon's Ballad" is a score made for the animation Ink In Time. In this short we go through the artist's life story, projecting his obstacles in order to emphasize his growth through his art. 


Meet the Protagonist: Eryn Millien
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Meet the Protagonist - Haven for Artists
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